Hi Tony,

It’s the last day of March, and Melbourne has turned on a beautiful day.

You completed our renovation three years ago now – I think, and I have thought of writing to both you and David on several occasions.

On such a great afternoon, with our glass sliding doors open, the kids in the pool with friends, and the BBQ about to be turned on, I want you both to know of the impact you have had on our lives, it really can’t be measured.

The changes in the way that our home is now used, and the pride we have in living here has only been brought about through the flexibility and care taken by the Profast team during the construction of our renovation.

I maintain that people with complaints generally have loud voices, I rather feel that companies that go “above and beyond” to maintain their integrity and meet customer needs should succeed and continue to do well and I hope this is the case for Profast.

We all love our home, friends included, and I guess I really just wanted to say thank-you again.

Best Wishes to you and David,

Andrew Campbell (Malvern)

Dear Profast

I am delighted to provide this attestation of our experience with Profast Constructions in relation to the renovations recently completed on our property.

Our renovations were carried out over a period of 6 months. Despite several inclement days, and a number of vendor initiated variations, the project was completed on time.

During the construction period, Annie and I found the Profast crew to be respectful of our needs as clients who continued to live in the section of the house not affected by the renovation.

The Profast crew were also very approachable in clarifying our queries, and in giving advice when variations were proposed.

Annie and I found the office staff easy to deal with, with pricing of variations and subsequent authorities to act being expeditiously completed.

We are delighted with the project outcome and have received several unprompted comments from friends in relation to the quality of the work and the attention to detail.

We would sum our renovation up as an excellent ‘DBO’ – ‘excellent design, excellent build, excellent outcome’!

Kind regards

Trevor Carr (Williamstown)